Darien Hammerfell

Commander of the mercenaries in Mortuss


At 37 years old, Darien is a large man with a bald head and large mustache. He wears the typical uniform the mercenary guards wear. A deep, but warm voice greets you in a welcoming manner.


Darien is a veteran of the 20 Year War. After serving for 10 years, Darien led a group of his former comrades as a mercenary band throughout the borderlands that acted as a protector for the villages living near the border of the Rasham Jungle. After a year of village hopping, Darien accepted a contract from the elites of Mortuss, having his troupe permanently stationed in the town.

Though the assignment of retrieving the caravan was orchestrated by the elites, planning and recruitment was left to Darien.

Darien Hammerfell

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