The Begining
Mortuss' Plea


The campaign begins in the trade town of Mortuss. Run down over the past two years since the 20 Year War, the general populace of the town is disgruntled, to say the least. Having to rely on supply caravans from Leskinedaud, and on what little trading with nearby villages brings, Mortuss is on a proverbial knife’s edge. Any disruption to their trade routes, and the denizens will starve.

The town elite is constantly under scrutiny, as the upper class homes and stores are kept while the rest of the town’s infrastructure is left to weather away. Once paved roads washed away to mud, and the majority of homes and other buildings are run down. A rift is growing between the disgruntled citizens of Mortuss, and the ruling elite.

To attempt to regain back some trust, the town elite has the head of the small mercenary guard, Darien Hammerfell, to recruit a band of eager adventurers to investigate a missing supply caravan that has not made its scheduled arrival. Fliers were posted in the town proper, and the members of the party reported in.

The party got their assignment, then went to town to gather supplies. In town, the party came across a man desperate for their help. Ralf Torkinson pleads with the group to find his son, who was supposedly traveling with the caravan that had gone missing. After agreeing to help Ralf, the party rested at the Barrel of Mead, and then left Mortuss in the dead of night.

After traveling along the Iron Road, the party arrived short of the burning caravan, encountering a goblin scout party. After dispatching the foes, the party investigated the wreckage. Most of the supplies were gone, as well as many of the travelers and mercenaries traveling with the caravan. No sign of Ralf’s son, Breigir, is found either. The party finds tracks leading off of the road and into the woods.

Following the tracks, the party travels into a forest. The group is quickly besieged by a giant owl. After dealing with the owl, a strange sound comes from the woods. Following the sound, the party comes across a druidic shrine that has many things that were payed tribute to nature on the shrine.

Leaving the shrine, the party finds what they were looking for. A large goblin encampment has most of the supplies that was lost from the caravan scattered throughout the camp. The camp, however, is mostly empty. After engaging in a small group of goblins, the leader of the camp emerged from the command tent. A large female orc charged the party to aid her goblin underlings.

The orc and goblins were ultimately defeated, with the group rescuing survivors from the caravan, as well as recovering some much needed supplies for the citizens of Mortuss.

On their way back through the forest, the party came across the druid shrine they encountered earlier, only to find it desecrated. Darkness enveloped the tree trunk, and the tribute lay scattered on the ground. The party is unsure of who or why this happened, and continued about delivering the supplies and survivors back to Mortuss. Dark times appear to be approaching…


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